Monthly Archives: June 2012

Valley of Pain.

I walk, for love and for you, yet again

in this long, cold dreaded valley of pain

I walk alone, away from my wits that fell wayside

I walk as if the noon sun burned, and the tide went high

I walk for staying still hurts, on the inside more than out

I walk  for in the crunch of leaves, the voices in my head drown out

I walk deep in hurt, wrapped in the pain of my own failings and,

in the promises that I thought you held in your hand. I walk,

I keep on walking, for that is the only way to reach that little light

I walk out, stop. Time waits with bated breath. I slowly turn back again..

If the pain was great, greater still was this accidental love

If walking through the valley meant, I was madly in love

Then I will walk again, for love and for you who made me feel alive again.