Summer Breeze.

The summer breeze floated in, through the open window

Pulling tendrils of her hair loose, coaxing them to caress her face

The moon beamed in, stars gathered and the breeze stopped in anticipation

She stirred at the noise, and yet heard nothing except

The gentle beat of a heart under her head,

She felt nothing except the gentle rise and fall of a chest

She smiled and moved her hand, from under his, tracing

The fingers that made her numb, the shoulders

That she had held onto, the sinews of his neck flecked with red

The lips that held the secrets of how she became a woman..

She lifted her head, her hair undone, she moved her hand

She traced his eyes, willing them to open and yet remain closed

She wanted to see the flares of desire lit again, to see herself in them, yet

She feared drowning in their dark passion, and in the promises it held.

She smiled, as the breeze blew in again, ever so gently, coaxing him to open his eyes,

Their eyes locked, he pushed the wayward hair, and pulled her closer,

She wondered if it were possible to be so alive and breathless at once.

The breeze blew gently, pushing her into him, coaxing them to come together again,

The moon dimmed her lights, the stars flickered, and a sigh was heard.


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