The pain of immortality

Tara R challenged me as part of the Indie Ink challenge this week. The challenge details follow the reply.

Would I not change the feeling of thinking that we were all immortal beings or would I change the heady rush of the cornucopia of emotions that came when we realized immortality was but a hypnotic state that we would wake up from. It is not that I hadn’t seen death knock on doors or have seen him in a rush to finish his job that he often couldn’t wait for people to bide their time. It was just that in that moment in time, in a new school, with new people, with the list of possibilities and dreams seemingly endless..immortality seemed to offer more choices and a better vision. It is a hard thing to take in one week into school…having a friend who you saw the Friday before driving off, being declared dead due to drowning the Monday next. The wind rushes in. You wave to your father dropping you off, you run to see a friend who goes to another school, you stop, you see them all red-eyed and life becomes eerily silent. The sequence of events after that chilling confession, is painfully alive. For every high school story I think, I also live through the reactions and the high emotions that day which act as a painful bitter, bitter crumbled foundation. There was a single moment when I was sitting, engulfed in my own emotions that I wanted to turn every minute, every star and moon to the day when immortality was still within reaching distance..and where the dead would come back to life. Reality, I sincerely feel, should be anathema for 16 year olds.

Living my life now as a jaded, memory bearer, knowing more and having lived more…would I change that time, that day and that part of my life. I don’t think so. It has made me who I defines my ideas and my being. I like this person that I am now. I will not have it any other way..thank you very much.

My challenge was this “Tomorrow morning you wake up and are 16 again, on your worst day in high school. If you knew then what you know now, how would you change that day… or would you change it?”

Keep walking till you reach Chamindra’s reply to my challenge. Awesome work..I think.


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