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The Tinderbox!

The Fire-engine was heard a full 10 mins before it made its appearance. Life, at 2.30 in the morning is quiet where I live, but by the commotion outside you would never believe me. The police cars with their loud sirens, the ambulance with their loud sirens, the screaming of instructions, the clanging of buckets, pipes and vessels, the swish and splash of water, I grabbed another bucket of water to try dousing some flames only to see the million little droplets join together in a dance with smoke effects…the water kept splashing and spraying..

August ’96,

Dear Diary,I feel at once mighty and minute. When you are the helm of a ship like this in the middle of this beautiful blue-green feel as if you own the water and the sky and with the stretch of a palm, cover everything in sight and yet..they are so much bigger, vaster and deeper that it overwhelms me. Coming on this trip, inspite of all the financial problems at home and inspite of leaving my pregnant mother behind, might be the best thing ever. I know, I will enjoy this journey and the destination much more than you can imagine..

“Give Way! GIVE WAY!!!….MOVE, Move” They came running up to the building in blaze, the ground floor was fully ablaze. I moved glancing up at my home and fearing for every little material possession I owned. I could barely release a sigh for all that I had left books, my jewels, my wedding sarees, my books..I wanted to sit and shut the noise out, let the peace of the night take over.

June ’98

I met him on saturday, he gave me a book on hope and looking forward to the future..I cannot believe he is dead. I cannot understand how this could happen. All of us had gone out saturday, we were laughing, talking about “The Titanic” and he drowns on sunday..this must be some sort of cruel, malicious joke. I cannot think about him as dead. God! I don’t know what to say…I want to sleep, wake up and hear him calling up and screaming “Got you” yet with sleep I fear, he will remain forever in my dream and I will never be able to see him chuckle about something silly. Sleep can never be the same again.

The firefighters controlled the blaze. They went back in to see what remained. I didn’t want to. I couldn’t face the ashes and dust that my home had become. The home where I put the rich red curtains up to shield a prying sun or a sneaky moon, where I put the collage of mouths and eyes erupting into laughter, smiling with warmth and grinning cheekily. The home where I baked my first cake for a birthday, where I stirred up a big feast for friends

Nov ’01

He came home again today. Infact all three of them came, he stayed over talking all night with ma. I made lunch today. Point to be noted because, I had never seen it disappear so fast. It must have been really good or as he said..”No..No.. I am just very hungry. When you eat dorm food all the time..this is like manna” Idiot. We sat up half the night discussing the “Bourne Trilogy” Never knew I could bond with someone who grew up in entirely different circumstances, so far away. It is like we have known each other all our lives.  Dear Diary, I think I have found my soul mate. I don’t think it is the way people make it out to be. I think people can be friends and soul mates.

“Hi, Honey! Coffee” I put my diary down with my box of rescued diaries and grabbed the hot cup. “Where are the kids?” “My dad came and picked them up. Everything’s over?” “Yup! They think it must have been some candle that fell over and caught fire downstairs. Anyway, some of our things can still be salvaged. You can thank me for putting your books in the attic. They are all safe” I could have screamed in joy. “What about your paintings and materials?” Some of them are damaged. I managed to grab a box of paint and some brushes” He put his hand down his backpack and removed one lego, one tonka truck and clown. “Guess life can be rebuilt again..this time we will have two extra pair of hands..What is your opinion on putting children to work”..The sirens had gone, the disco lights from the police car threw random shadows dancing on the ground and walls..people muttered about early morning and the smoke looked like it was blushing as dawn approached. I had my box of diaries, and my grandmothers sari..a tinderbox of memories and a comforting presence.Life can be fixed again.

July ’03

I am getting married in six months. Can you believe it..six months! AHHH!! He is amazing. Gentle, Soft spoken, engaging and reserved. Things I totally am not. Which is why I believe we will be good together. My cup overflows..Life is good..Dear Diary, Life is very good.

This part fiction account was written for theIndie Ink Writing Challenge. My prompt was “Your home is on fire and you only have 30 seconds to get out. Assuming your family and pets are safe, what do you take with you and why?” given by Joelyn
Enjoy..and leave your comments 🙂