Not what I wanted to write.

There are these days when all day I plan to air my grievances here, I write down these posts in my head and re-write them. I wanted to write about how I feel restless and feel how I am swimming in murky waters, for the most part of the day. Then, for some weird reason, I decide not feels unfair to pollute this space. This place is my bunker, where I can be myself without worrying about identities and slots where I have been put into. I cherish this part of me where I can disconnect when I feel particularly miserable and come back and always find the skies clear or rainy like I want, where I can hum whatever song I want and dance whichever way I want. This is me..a happy me. I am sure there are going to be times when I want to choke the living daylights out of someone and I would want to confess my anger here..but somehow today is not the day. I just want to mull over things, make peace with everything and everyone and leave people to their own joys and sorrows.. I will live with myself for just today.


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2 responses to “Not what I wanted to write.

  • TGFI

    I like your idea of reserving your blog for your own little happy place. I think thats a great idea- I need to find one for myself because I have battered my current blog way too much with all my whining and ranting. Then again, that serves its purpose too.


    • Cacophoenix

      @ TGFI: There are some days when I want to rage and whine and hiss and spit against the world..and somehow I feel the blog will patiently bear my cross and then there are some days when it feels so delicate, that all I want to do is soothe it, apply some vicks vaporub and let it go to sleep 🙂 Guess it was just another day…

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