Monthly Archives: March 2011

Happy Families are all Alike!

I always hear about how unhappy families are unhappy in their own way and I wonder if that is true. You see people fighting, couples I mean and assess where the cards fall in your own  relationship and realize that the source of unhappiness is not that different. It always boils down to the ego equation, the emotional space between the two people and the ability of one to respect the space, value the others time and be courteous to them..I am by no means positing this as the perfect solution to the perfect marriage. This is just a itsy, bitsy bit of what I feel is required. Perhaps it is the not that unhappiness that sets families apart, but the ability of that relationship to withstand the unhappiness and perhaps recover from it.


Not what I wanted to write.

There are these days when all day I plan to air my grievances here, I write down these posts in my head and re-write them. I wanted to write about how I feel restless and feel how I am swimming in murky waters, for the most part of the day. Then, for some weird reason, I decide not feels unfair to pollute this space. This place is my bunker, where I can be myself without worrying about identities and slots where I have been put into. I cherish this part of me where I can disconnect when I feel particularly miserable and come back and always find the skies clear or rainy like I want, where I can hum whatever song I want and dance whichever way I want. This is me..a happy me. I am sure there are going to be times when I want to choke the living daylights out of someone and I would want to confess my anger here..but somehow today is not the day. I just want to mull over things, make peace with everything and everyone and leave people to their own joys and sorrows.. I will live with myself for just today.

The need to start somwhere.

It has been 3 months since we jumped into the fire, and it has been the most testing time of my life emotionally. I have so many unanswered questions, so many moments that I want to etch in for posterity and so many laughter’s and so many vexations that I want to pour out. I always assumed that will come a time and place for everything and I will receive a “divine ordinance” to start blogging again. I realized that the divinity is within me and all I need to start again is to just start.