The sun has set.

It has been a long, long day. Woke up really early, because implet feels that there way too many exciting things happening in the world to sleep beyond 5.30. I think my father must have fed such silly thoughts into his head..BAH! Been clearing out the kitchen. Threw a lot of random things together to make a meal..and it actually turned out well. Had to throw/donate a lot of good food items. The thing about food in the US is that everything is oversized. You can never buy small 100 gm or so packets of things. It is annoying because I don’t really need so much nutmeg, just on or maybe two to flavor my cakes, which I make maybe once in two-three months. I grate it onto a lot of things, but then there is only so much fresh nutmeg that you can take. Even food in restaurants are served in giant -ass plates. I usually end up bagging more than half the plate. The size of Coffee mugs and Ice-cream scoops is just so huge. Two alarming stats have come from this, one-US has the highest number of obese ppl, ppl who die from type II Diabetes in the developed world, and more alarmingly, more younger ppl , meaning ppl below the age of 40 dies of heart attacks. The other statistic, US has the highest number of ppl who go hungry every day or die of hunger in the developed world. Strange bedfellows.

Anyway, coming to the point of this post..It took us almost till late night to clean the whole place up and move into a hotel nearby. The tenets are supposed to come tomorrow early, so we figured, it would be easier to move out in the night. The sun set was gorgeous. Winter sky makes the setting sun much more colorful. Maybe it has to do with the how much the sun is welcomed in the cold. All I want to do now is sleep..cuddle up with my little implet, and warm my heart and soul with every breath of his.


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