Stop the month!

I can’t believe it is December already. Most of the boxes are packed. My books were the first to be wrapped, bolstered and laid into sturdy double-lined boxes to wait and make a long journey. The corning wares went in next. Our extensive mug collection gently put in shredded material waiting for FRAGILE stickers. My golu bommai nesting amidst bubble wraps and papers and cloth. Every fear of mine is surfacing. Will the humidity destroy them? will there be water seepage? will it get lost? and yet here I am planning to make a long journey home. I have come to realize how difficult it is to pack a decade worth of memories and life’s little tidbits into a container. My biggest fear is that I might lose everything and will have no ability to tell my son what my life was like way before he brightened up my world. Hopefully everything will be alright. I hope, I pray, I sleep now.


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One response to “Stop the month!

  • usha

    Hey little one.Faith in our destiny carries us wherever we go.I was in your shoes ten years back when I packed up a very happy life of twentyfive years.One thing I have realised is do nothing with the tag”for others”.Be selfish do only for yourself.At least you will not be disturbed by the thanklessness floating around.
    Just look forward to a life again which you can build up on the building blocks of what you were living the last ten years.everything else can change but not the promises you made to each will go on.lets decide to go with the flow.tons of love…u athai.

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