They are really saying “I love you”

One of my best friend of over 10 years stopped by for a visit. He stopped by with his wife and brother. I had not seen him for the past 7 years. It is difficult to describe, or to be more precise, I don’t want to describe in words how immense the moment felt. It might simplify the moment to just words. We have been in touch over the years..through phone, email, sent photos to each other. There has always been something missing. Neither of us attended each others wedding. Mine was too sudden,  I believe a bit of a shock to his system and more importantly in the middle of his semester. His wedding, well, I always knew it was coming..I couldn’t attend it on account of being on a different continent, and honestly it was too overwhelming. There were so many, way too many things that were left unsaid when we met for the last time as single folks, the dew of college still fresh on out faces, before the sun of life could lift it all up. There are times when I wish we had been more open, more honest, neither of us had the will or the desire, I guess. I still remember the scene so vividly..My parents and I had invited him to dinner after my engagement. After dinner, we left him at his hotel near the station..the journey there filled with a bit of an uncomfortable silence..we dropped him, said our goodbyes, and drove, I turned back to see him standing there, alone in the side of rode, waving back..very cinematic, I know, but I can never forget the expression on his face at that time. After such an exit, ti was difficult to assess how life would greet we would bridge those seven years.

I went to pick him up from the station. I couldn’t get there fast enough and I was so antsy, I couldn’t sit in the car and wait. There was such a rush of excitement, anxiety, and emotions unknown when I saw him through the door of the station..and then when the door opened..he ran, embarrassed, excused himself and kept running to the restroom :D..It was a magical moment LOL!!

I had fun with all of them. The move has been weighing down so heavily on me emotionally, their coming was like Hercules offering to lift off the burden. It was just a night, but just seeing him with his family was good. It offered me a fresh page on which to write the relationship on. It gave me a cleaner, fresher surface on which I can chart the next many years. Fittingly..the ukelele version of “Somewhere over the rainbow” played over the radio when I went to drop them off. There was a whole circle being closed off and a new one beginning, and I couldn’t have asked for a better theme song for this half of my life.

I was washing dishes, the gentle snore of my son over the monitor, the afternoon suns peeking through the grills of a soft, shimmery cloud, casting its gentle rays on the dining table, a wind ticking the nakedness of stripped away trees, the soap suds creating transient and transparent bubbles..spilling over themselves bursting into a riot of colors only to reform again, the song playing on a loop, life seemed to want to assure me that things will be good.


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