The Memory Keeper.

It has been a really difficult week..emotionally. The moving, the idea of moving, the act of moving, you get the general idea. It has been so difficult for me to keep it together at times. There is so much of resistance within me sometimes to moving. I constantly feel as if I will be losing some chance to make these amazing memories here, in my house, in this place. We had people come over and look over the place. They have kids. It makes me feel good sometimes. I am happy that the house is not going to be occupied by this really busy professional couple who stay in the house only to do laundry and own a garage. I am happy that there are going to be kids rolling over one another, squealing with laughter, tripping over the stairs to their rooms and making themselves dizzy and silly in the basement by going round and round. The house will not miss us that much.

I was brooding over all of this a couple of days back and aimlessly browsing, when this came in my mail:

Greetings from your past. In the fall of 2005, you agreed to receive this
message, which has been preserved in the E-Mail Time Capsule.

Here is the text of your message:

Date is 11/11.Time 11.11. Coincidence!! Probably. I like coincidences. The Boy is downstairs working and I am here now. The tree with red leaves outside my window is shedding and the sun is casting a warm shadow on the land. There is a normal silence at home here. I am still contemplating about my future studies. Ironic I would think. Here I am sitting and thinking if I should study history and making a time capsule for the future. Just want me to know that there will always be problems and if we just stop to think there will be solutions too.
I am currently reading “Sisterhood of the traveling pants” Nice book I would say. Love listening to Kishore Kumar songs, Haagen daz Ice creams, my very pretty scheduler and love my poetry books.
Carpe Diem and Remember to Boogie…

I was so down, that a sneeze would make make me cry, I was physically feeling miserable, small and sad..and yet there was this rush of air when I read this. It made me stop, it made me think, it made me assess. Five years have passed by so fast. I distinctly remember sitting down at my desk and writing this. My life has moved forward so much, changed in so many way big and small, maybe this was a way of saying that this move will bring something better out of me. I don’t know. At this point, I will take anything positive thrown at me. I am so glad I wrote this. I really did love the heavy signs that the timing of the message and the message itself sent. I am so loving the coincidences, the irony and the happenstance that life is giving me right now. I can go to sleep smiling.


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