Moving back home.

So the plan is to make the move early next year. We are moving back to India. I think this is the first time that I have said that to myself. It is different when you are talking about it to seemed more superficial. It was like something that hovered around me, and yet now it descends to envelop me in the idea, to give me feelings and thoughts and ideas and dimensions to my imagination. It hasn’t been that long since I moved here, atleast I think so..not sure how long a decade is these days. The students in my classes are roughly a decade younger and yet make me feel like I am 60, so yeah, no idea. Anyway, I feel confident it will turn out to be all hunky and dory, given that I am going to be closer to my parents, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents..the boy is petrified. I keep reading Artful Dodgers’ posts about the city she lived in to get myself all whoohoo about the place, and it seems to be working. Actually to be honest, the whole lot of Ma Bloggers from India, help.. Maybe I will throw them all a huge party when I get there. It will keep me excited about the 50 things that still need a box.


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