Things that make me want to go Aaargh!!!

This post is as superficial as it can get, nevertheless for someone who has to put up with the internet for news from India, this is a new low. I was frustrated enough to contemplate switching this damn thing off…but came to my senses luckily enough..Low point folks..loooooowww point.

I have had it upto the tips of my hair with this Abhi Ash love fest. I mean seriously get a room ppl. I understand if this is a self promotion event for I don’t know, maybe how to become a Bacchan thing, but this is a movie promotion. A movie where there surely has to be more than just two actors. Oh wait infact now that you remind me there is another actor… Vikram. I understand it is difficult to play two similar roles in two languages simultaneously, but surely it must be much more difficult to play two contrasting roles infact opposing roles in two languages simultaneously..why is there so little coverage on that, which brings me to my next point

Film world, begins and ends at the so called first family of Bollywood. Seriously..are their looks, their love for each other and the elder’s tweets are all you can talk about?!?! There has to be some little credit given for acting chops. I know these two love birds are decent actors, I have seen their best movies..but surely a national award winning actor like Vikram who consistently give good performances can be given some space too.. I don’t know, maybe it is a South sensitivity..but I do feel not enough credit is being given to actors from the South. I understand there is a Hindi speaking majority and the Abhishek and Aishwarya play critical roles, but the fact that this is turning into a public Coochie coo moment is mind numbing.

Starting from writing long detailed analysis of every tweet Amitabh writes, to every blog he writes, to every Vlog he composes..newspapers and media writing sure know how to keep those strapping young journalists coming out of college occupied.

I have changed the channel in case any of you come with that brilliant suggestion. I just need to vent here, given that every other web page has them grinning on the front page.


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