Forever Young!

This song is like a prayer that I say for my implet every time he succeeds in moving past yet another milestone during this age of discovery that he is going through. His milestones so far include his mouthful of 6 teeth that he proudly shows when he smiles, when he laughs, a spring breeze..that’s what it is, a beautiful open mouth smile, morphing into a chuckle and bursting into a full laughter like the pealing of wind chimes. He stands up holding people’s trousers much to the woe of people wearing loose waistband pants. He couldn’t care less, if the pant falls down, the legs will surely do. He climbed up the stairs today, I sat down and taught him yesterday how to put one leg before the other and use his hand to pull himself up and today he wanted to show me, so screaming, grunting, babbling he climbed one big step at a time. It is breathtaking to see how fast they learn. He crawls, really fast and loves babbling. He sounds like one of those old people who sit on the porch every morning, coffee and “The Hindu” in hand tsk..tsking over the state of affairs. He will crawl complaining about he doesn’t want to be in the living area when I am in the kitchen, he will come near the kitchen door and complain his heart out till I go, pick him up and give him spoons, ladles, and vessels till he is appeased enough to sit in the kitchen banging away his troubles. He has his moments of quite contemplation when we both sit outside as the evening sun is slowly tiring out from his journey, the trees whispering like conspiring confidants and the birds darting in and out of the feeder. He loves a little stool that we use. It can be disassembled and he uses one of its round legs like his personal club, threatening anyone who dare remove it from him. He rolls it, hammers a poor little monkey, and every now and then licks it to leave his mark on it. The pathetic looking stool lies there with one leg, half a top looking pretty sad as my little Bheem roars and bangs around. He loves music, and will dance when I hold his hand to anything playing.

It is overwhelming at times to be here living this life. It requires me to be aware every moment of every day. Live every moment to the fullest. I am enjoying it though. I have always been laid back and take life as it comes. Parenthood is making me prioritize my life. It is making me grow into my own person. Madmomma had a post a few days back. I get what she means now. I am a strong believer in being a working mom. Just because I am sitting at home doesn’t mean I don’t work..and no I am not counting taking care of an infant as work, though I should call myself an idiot for not doing so. I want to put this straight….I am home taking care of a 9 month old, cooking, cleaning and doing all the chores with a lot of help from the dude..Doesn’t mean I am wallowing on the couch and turning into a blob. I read the news, update myself on world politics. I bet I could argue your working shoes off on any topic. I write, I obsess over what words to use and how to phrase sentences. I research topics and write about them. I spend all day taking care of this little bundle of energy, till he goes to sleep at 8.00, then I sit and write, often till a time it should be made illegal to be awake, then sleep for a few minutes before my little implet tries to eat my face off at 5.00 in the morning. So don’t look at me like I just lost my life to a bus accident and talk sweet nothings or about my baby all the time, I have other interests too. I chose this because I take pleasure in looking at my child grow, learn, laugh and absorb the world around him. I want to be there when he sees the robin on the bird feeder, the hare in the backyard and the little pollen float around on a lazy spring day. I want to see him crawl, walk, babble and learn to swing in the playground where I will teach him, every time he flies off to touch the moon, I will be there down watching and waiting for him to come back and tell me all about it.


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2 responses to “Forever Young!

  • The Wanderer

    Hi 🙂 I’ve been a lurker for quite long now. Your posts were always interesting, but somehow I never reacted in writing. Today’s post is such that I feel compelled to 🙂
    1) I have always felt that having children should be by choice and not for any other reason; and
    2) Having children doesn’t excuse you from life; also,
    3) It is not the be-all-and-end-all of existence
    I have seen so many truly intelligent, efficient, active girls suddenly drop everything in life the moment they become mothers. While I understand that raising a child takes up almost all of your physical and mental energy, I am sure that you can still continue to pursue other interests, with suitable modifications. I am sure that, should you desire, you can have a life beyond your children. It is possible. The sad part is that I see hardly any girls doing that. Also, voicing such opinions always gets me direct or indirect reactions of “easy for you to say”, since I do not have children. I am childless so far by choice, but I am wise / mature enough to understand how difficult it must be to raise a child well in this world and yet I insist that there is more to life beyond one’s children, there is so much more to a person that being a parent. Waste of capabilities, talent, resources always bothers me.
    You seem to be exerting yourself to truly enjoy each and every one of your faculties and all the aspects of life and I am so pleased to know that 🙂
    Tsk, tsk, comment longer than post ? I hope not ! Nevertheless, reading this post brought all these thoughts rushing to the mind and I felt I had to share them with you 🙂

    @Wanderer: Really glad you decided to break your wanderings. Thanks. Children and motherhood are controversial topics. They are like cotton. I do get what you are saying though. I mean I was childless for a part of my marriage too and never assumed it’d be the be all and end all and I am thankful everyday it is not. Can’t picture myself as the run behind child mommy screaming “Rahul Bete, Kheer Khake Jao” I am so glad I have a life. It takes effort though, a lot of it. I am happy I have the energy for it. Do come by again. 🙂

  • Indian in NZ

    You took me back into the infant days of the 2Bs….watching their laughter, squeal with excitement when they see you at the daycare coming to pick them up, teaching them to do the ‘monkey bars’ on the playground and on and on…

    I agree with you. Having your own hobbies, interests, work, career ( if one chooses to have one ) are all very important too. What would you do once the child starts becoming independent little by little ? They don’t need us full time 24-7 once they start to feed themselves, tie their own shoe laces, start going to school, start working…

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