What does Parenthood mean to you?

What does Parenthood mean to you? Are you the parent you always thought you would be or have things surprised you?

Parenthood means being humble enough to know that I will be learning every minute, being confident enough to know that I can handle any situation this throws at me. It means learning to live every moment completely. It means being honest with myself. I have this little person looking up to me and will possibly question my decisions someday in the future. I can answer him, guide him and trust him only if I trust myself and am true to myself. It means having a thousand conflicting emotions crashing like waves through the crevices of my heart and washing across the fissures of my brain. Yet, through these emotions, I will learn to put my sons  cry when he bumps his head or his disappointment and his happiness ahead of mine every time.

I am in some ways who I imagined myself to be as a parent, and yet there are moments when I surprise myself, not many, but then I expect them to grow as my little implet grows too.


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