Monthly Archives: March 2010

Rolling Stone gathers no posts

So that where things have been. Days rolling into weeks, into months and before I know it…another month is here. My mind has been yo-yoing from one end to the other too. It is all hunky dory on the home front. The implet has two itty bitty teeth which he is proud to show off. He thinks I am the funniest person he has ever seen. I mean seriously, he breaks into giggles if I sneeze or burp. So manners be damned, I burp like a trucker and sneeze like there’s no tomorrow. There are so many little things that he does. When the dude comes home he asks “What did my implet do?” and I invariably say not much. I don’t mean to be secretive, but then how can I explain that every little thing that he did seemed new. The expression on his face when he sees his hand, or when he hears his song. His delight at getting the remote to light up. Many things and yet not that much…

Life is good, and yet there are times when I feel frustrated, downright depressed. There is a monotony that I am unable to break out of. It is difficult to make people understand what I feel. They assume that because I have a kid, my life should be full of love, happiness and joy with every moment filled with the thousand beams of a shining sun…How do I explain that I am uncomfortable with the one dimensional person I have seemingly become, or the fact that the world sees nothing more in me. I am trying to break out of this rut…..I want to, I should for the sake of my own sanity.