Monthly Archives: February 2010

Cold Turkey!

Sometimes it is best to start things cold turkey, instead of waiting for that perfect inspiration, that perfect opening line or that perfect moment. Let’s face it, the longer I wait, the more mentally exhausting it becomes. It is easy, ridiculously easy to blame the brain freeze, the lack of time, the forgetfulness all on the implet, but then I would just be kidding myself. The poor fellow is a breeze to take care of, he practically takes care of himself most times and the rest of the time I have spent with my parents in India, so the real test hasn’t begun yet. I am hopeful, the trend will continue though, the taking care of himself trend not he latter one. I have to say it though, spending time with family was absolutely awesome. Four generations under one roof, cousins together, amma and appa fighting over the implet and the two uncles who took turns to hold him, change him or just lie next to him making puppy dog eyes. The one periamma making him giggle and coo and the one chitti wiggling her thumb under his chin, his other mama promising to cook for him and yet another one drumming to his absolute delight. Life as they say was complete. I got to spend some time with my very precocious nephew who is 3 running on 30, and the newly arrived niece who loves to sleep and watch peacefully as the world around her bustles with the energy of the bulls in Pamplona.

After the rumble tumble and love that was India, US seems tame, like the hibernating bear in winter, it seems sleepy, damp and slow. I love this season here though. I love the footprints that I leave behind in the snow, I love the cold air that lies heavy and unapologetic over the mountains, I love the cold snap of wind that flits across your face, turning your nose red, I love the gentle flakes of snow that gently twitter across the brown, brown land, I love the swish sound it makes as it glides to a stop. I love waking up in the morning to see a white, white land adorned with the purest form of nature. I love its deep crunch as my body hits it to make an angel in the snow, I love the way it molds in my hand as I throw it across at an unsuspecting dude, I love the way it lies on the branches of the trees, waiting for the morning sun as a surprise to break the monotony of sunlight. I love the way it purifies everything on my drive and on the road. I enjoy the warmth of my house as I watch chimney’s smoking and melting the rooftop snow as the implet lies gurgling his good mornings and the husband hands me my hot, frothy morning coffee……Good Morning.