Sweet Suites!

Every so often when morning start to mean 4.30 diapers, feeding, groggy mind looking around for now-gone-to-India-Mother for Coffee and grumbling about making own coffee, debating what to cook, running around not knowing what is being done, coming back again and again to a spot in an attempt to remember whatever was forgotten……every so often when mornings start to blend into each other and whole days go by without knowing date, day or month…it is nice to throw some clothes and head out to a nice hotel with room service, where continental breakfast is free, the bed is always made, the bathrooms clean, lunch is a walk or a lift service downstairs, where the sound of a baby snoring means, you can snore or read a book or post a blog without having to worry about laundry, dishwashing, cleaning and remembering to remember something or the other. Life is good. Will be better when I go back after a good 3 day nap and a long shower 😀


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