Monthly Archives: April 2009

Good thing that I know my cartoons!!

The signs are all there….Glugging water like a parched elephant followed a few minutes later by a mad dash to the nearest restroom, Looking like a beeched whale by evening or more or less all the time, forgetting things at the drop of a um….What was it. Having the family call me with panic in their voices when I tell them I am going on a long drive. Having my grandmother pray every time I talk to her, people looking at me with an uncomfortable silence wondering how to ask about the increase in body mass since I saw them the last time which was a couple of weeks back.

The funny part is, I keep hearing stories about how different women feel, and how their life changed in the eight and something months and more later on. The truth is, I don’t feel any different from how I felt the same time last year, Well! that is if you don’t count the crying and laughing at the same time, random mumbling, and going ballistic once every few days. Maybe it hasn’t sunk in yet, inspite of the fact that I often feel like the wheel the little hamster keeps running on, and my bladder has turned into a trampoline. Maybe it will hit me with the force of a frying pan later on. I don’t know. I am just trying to live in the moment. All I know is that I am due around mid to end of JULY. I cannot for the life of me remember which week I am in, all the calculations are incredibly puzzling. All I know is I am at the point where I am thinking ‘Huh! well, it is not that exhausting” to “Holy Crap! The House is dirty, I haven’t bought a thing, Where the hell will this go and why the hell do I need that”

The awesome news is MY MOTHER WILL BE COMING! YEYE!!! I do miss my family and friends though. It can occasionally get mind numbingly boring here and there are times when I wish to have lots of people around.
I guess there are somethings I will have to get used to. Blogging is fun though. There are times when I feel I can do this, just because I have read so many people pulling it off without trying to be perfect or knowing fully well that the occasional screw ups are part of the equation. I realize that I can come here for know-hows, how-to’s, OMG’s, No-No’s, and They say the darnedest thing moments. I know I will be alright.