A belly full of laughs.

You know how during weddings, engagements, random gathering of family for XYZ’s poonal, seemandham, no intentional gathering….people often get together and share these rib breakingly funny stories. I love those moments. It is that moment when your nine yard wearing grandmother, chewing betal leaves in her toothless mouth breaks into this story about some ancestor that seems so preposterous and funny, it has to be true. All the ladies lying around as if they were in some beach in Paris and the men in some corner room fully fed, watered and guffawing. I am far away from home, and father away from any gathering, but here are some fun facts and funnier stories from my side.

My cousin once jumped from the first floor onto a concrete floor because someone dared him to!

My mother once drove our 35 year old jeep onto a farmland claiming she was learning to drive.

Another time she was going around on a two wheeler and froze when a bus came in front of her. She went and eased the vehicle onto a wall. Needless to say she has never driven one since.

I once borrowed a scooty from my neighbour to test drive it around the neighbourhood and was made to write “I will not drive another’s vehicle again” a 100 times. I never let my father forget that one.

When all 6 of us cousins got together our favourite games were hide and seek and 6 corners. Once while playing hide and seek, my brother the seeker went missing. So we went in to drink our milk and continue the game. The dude was sitting on the table, smile on his mouth and 6 tall empty glasses of milk in front of him.

I was once mistaken for a boy in ooty and ogled at. Unfortunately my friend saw that one and has never let me forget it.

I have another cousin who is a walking disaster. He is 21 and so far he has been nicked by an angry bull, pecked by a cock, beaten by a mad women, fallen off a guava tree, broken his wrist on a wash basin, fallen while playing shuttle and broken his arm in two places, broken his leg, broken his other arm, fallen of a couch scared when the light went off and nicked his head, broken his foot. Security personnel have nightmares when he walks into an airport.

I have two cousins who fed one piano master white vinegar thinking it was lemonade scaring him away and perhaps scarring him for life. I have never seen a face go greener faster.

All of us were on a trip once in Calcutta when the driver of our minivan persisted in playing bengali songs loudly inspite of our pleas. Our defense, sing louder everytime. Wonder if he stopped having nightmares of six braying voices braying loudly in Tamil and Hindi.

My brother is responsible for me not eating brinjal. He told me they were fish.

I once convinced my father “Urvasi Urvasi” from the movie Kadhalan was a very meaningful song. I sang him the lyrics of a few lines and he often quotes it to people 😀

I was nicknamed “Pickle” for whatever weird reason in school. The most embarrassing moment was when the school principal used to yell “PICKLE” in front of a full ground of students.

My father and his father are crafty. The former has a big mustache which either earns him a salute wherever he goes or has people mistaking him for one famous movie star. He is more famous for his mustache and jeep than anything else. My grandfather usually gets his way with his beard and yellowish kurtas. He has had people coming in the middle of shops, streets, railway stations, hotels and do namaskaram and ask for kumkum or something or worse, he was once sitting in Rishikesh when two men came and did full namaskaram with my grandmother standing nearby and watching this. he just blessed them and kept chuckling.

What are some of your stories?


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4 responses to “A belly full of laughs.

  • 2bs Mommy

    Hahaha…great stories. Oh, I miss such gatherings sooooo much.

    – My dad told me this story about him over the phone just a few days back: once during his college days, he was sitting with his friends, chatting away. He used a swear word and immediately saw my grandpa coming towards them and he was pretty sure that he had heard it. To escape his wrath, my dad again repeated it more loudly with his face down so that grandpa would think that this just can’t be his son cos his son may say it once to act cool but not twice !!

    – when we used to visit our hometown during summer holidays, once all our aunts turned in after lunch to have a nap, we cousins used to pull out sarees from their almirahs, wrap it around our skirts and actually used to go out to buy lollies. The market was on doorstep and every shopkeeper knew the family!!

    I can come up with some more if I try a little more, but you probably dont want a post here in your comments section 🙂
    @ 2b’s Mommy: I would love to read more of them though: I remember dressing my little brother up in dupattas and false hair pieces, and basically treating him like a 2 year old old. I even have photos of it, which ofcourse are heavily guarded by the 12 year old brat. You kids must be the age to pull pranks too huh!! Love that age.

  • Goofy Mumma

    A post after long, and worth the wait. Very nice, I am still laughing. My favourite –
    “When all 6 of us cousins got together our favourite games were hide and seek and 6 corners. Once while playing hide and seek, my brother the seeker went missing. So we went in to drink our milk and continue the game. The dude was sitting on the table, smile on his mouth and 6 tall empty glasses of milk in front of him.” LOL!

    Its fun thinking of these things isn’t it? I don’t remember many, but the one I do is,
    My father and his elder brother who are closely aged, were mischief mongers like no other as kids. Once there were guests at home for dinner, and my grandmother had made a whole chicken roast. The two brothers had been scolded and were angry, so they filled the chicken containing dish with sand and left it as such. Only when the time to serve came, did my grandmother realise the problem, and landed in a big pickle for that. 🙂

    @Goofy Mumma:Oh My God! That is so devious. Haha. I half fear that my kids will pay me back for all the stunts we pulled.

  • grafx

    oh dear. im sure you must have read about the time when i dove right into the street, trying to get into the pond!??!! lol. i love hilarious people!

    @ Grafx: HAHAHA!!!! I love them too. Only the ones who just happen to be hilarious not the trying desperately to be one.

  • Thuria

    The cute duhde who got checked out in Ooty 😀 and how we fought to be ur girlfriend(s) heheheh…. do u have those pics btw?


    @ Thuria: The picture of the ogling girl is seared painfully in my memory. She must have been some Madonna wannabe to look at a ‘Guy” with skirts. The rest yeah I do, I think I may even have some here.

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