Questions for the defenders!

What is Indian culture?

If you claim Indian culture to be the culture handed down by Vedas and Upanishads, the you won’t mind me asking which caste you belong to?

Do you know your “Dharma”? Do you know what your duty is according to your position of birth? If you do, then why are you not doing that and instead parading around the towns wielding lathi’s and attacking people?

What are you doing in pants and shirts, which as far as I know were costumes handed down by the west?

Are you not aware that your culture teaches you to respect women and treat every women like they were Gods? Don’t you know even Ravan as a true Hindu did not lay a finger on Sita and gave her the respect she deserved?

Are making Illegal liquor part of Indian culture? Is the industry that makes these and in the process kills hundreds of men and disables their families in villages all over India part of Indian culture?

From where did you get your information that women should not dance in public? Are you aware that the great kings, their courtiers and even the great Indra himself had women who danced fro their pleasure and for the pleasure of a roomful of men?

If Dancing is not a part of Indian culture, who and why do you think our temples as a rule kept devadasi’s?

If women and men interacting is so abominable to you, then so should half the Vedas which were recited by women to men, half the culture in which women taught men and ruled through men.

If women and men interacting is so bad, then let the women free from the fields where they toil day in and day out, let them free from the various jobs they do for you, for your father, your brother in law and your friend.

If pubs are immoral, then so are “chayya kadai” run by night liqur stores, illegal brewing of liqour and pan beedi shops.

If it is women who desecrate your Indian culture by wearing “Skimpy Western Clothes” then we shall be proud to go back to the attires our ancestors wore. The small piece of cloth covering our upper body – the one without any noodle straps to offend you, the often transparent lower piece of cloth.

If you think women who wear noodle straps and “Nude clothes” deserve to be teased, what did my ver traditional 6 yard saree wearing mother do to deserve it, or what did the girl wearing the very traditional ‘Pavadai Dhawani”  do to deserve it, what did the sawar wearing Sarika Shah do to deserve it, or what did my purdah wearing friend do to deserve it?

Urban women and women in general make one of the largest percentage of voters in the country. We can make sure you don’t have any political clout and have no voice to speak if we wish to. We are capable of having the power to create good men and also the power to destroy misguided demons like you. Your Indian culture gave us the power to be Shakthi and Kali, Lakshmi and Durga…You might not like us now..I am sure you will not like us when we join together to do what we want and create the India that we believe in. Our votes will matter this election. THEY WILL.


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2 responses to “Questions for the defenders!

  • 2Bs mommy

    Thought provoking post. I saw that video where that woman ( Sorry forgot her name) talked about girls wearing ‘nude clothes’ and how she went to meet the offenders and ‘counselled’ them. Man, that woman was unbelievable. I don’t care which party or religion or culture she belongs to, being a human and a woman, she showed no empathy towards the victims who were doing nothing illegal there.

    For a refreshing change, want to see another side of a politician? Read my today’s post if you get time ( don’t know how to provide the link in your comment section).

    @ 2B’s Mommy: I will. I don’t think her name is worthy of remembrance. I think what is even more despicable is the fact that she is supposed to represent the national women mentality. I pity the ignorant and backward life she lives and justifies. There needs to be more women who represent the true Indian women in the 21st century. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Goofy Mumma

    Superb post. I was actually thinking along these lines you know. Creating a Durga sena or Kali Sevika Sena to demoralise and teach these goons a lesson. The fact is religion is just a cover, their deeds and simply henious.

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