Gaza Burning!

It is difficult to be an impassioned observer, a person unwilling to take sides and being totally neutral in seeing both sides of the conflict. The opinion outside the US seems firmly on the side of Gaza, at least firmly in condemning the actions of the Israeli forces. After all a 1000 odd civilian causalities among which more than 400 are children, more than 4500 injured of which more than 1500 are children. The west other than America have always been critical of Israeli bull headedness in the region and have also been critical of Israel’s handling of the Gaza situation and its relationship with the Hamas. Israel’s action’s according to Israel itself and the current US government is justified. A shower of rockets day in and day out and a philosophy that calls at the the most eliminating the land of Israel. Israel’s war is justifiedas an action that is necessary for its survival and for eliminating what it considers an immoral Islamist ideology. Hamas is being blamed for using civilians as human shields, for using houses and mosques and civilians as a cover behind which they can do their work. There is probably some element of truth to that, but that also doesn’t justify civilians being killed while fleeing, bombing schools and now UN buildings. It doesn’t justify denying food, water and basic aid and medical needs. There is a difference between giving aid and dangling aid saying “We have them here, they are not coming and getting it” The economic blockade, food blockade, essential supplies blockade and denying permission for citizens to go abroad for studying or work is inhuman. Hamas is a terrorist organization, but it has also been democratically elected, just as the West wanted. It is important to realize that in spite of the power of Israel as a state and as one of the countries with the strongest military power in the Middle East and as a state which has the unconditional support of the US until now sits right next to the biggest and most powerful of Arab lands. It is not a reason for it to cower and put up with the terrorist activities of its neighbours, but it is a reason for it to not to keep pushing the line. By UN Geneva accords Israel is an occupying territory. It still has its citizens living and moving into what was officially demarcated as Palestinian territory. It needs to be aware of the responsibility that it carries and needs to move towards a more just resolution of the crisis and here Just represents not what Israel thinks is just, but what the world as a whole thinks is just. 

America’s silence on the whole matter has been appaling too. The Bush administrations unequivocal support of the invasion is disgusting. If India had invaded Pakistan, would there have been the same kind of support. I don’t think so. Yes, the situations are different and requires a different type of handling, but let’s look at the similarities here. India and Israel and both “Secular” countries in what is primarily a Muslim majority region. I put secular in quotes because in spite of its verbal secularism, Both India and Israel have a single Majority religion. They are both nuclear powers, both are being targeted by terrorist activities since their conception. Both have fought intense wars with neighbours, gained territory, lost territory and fought for its land.  The recent bomb blasts across India can be pointed to one single factor and the culprits have been pointed at time and again. And yet we don’t have enough to warrant an attack while Israel does. I am not calling for an attack or an incursion, all I am doing is pointing out how the balance is extremely skewed towards the worlds that America likes and supports and the ones that it gets along with and yet remains suspicious. All said and done, this invasion does need to end, otherwise we risk an acceleration of violence and even more bloodshed.


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2 responses to “Gaza Burning!

  • punarjanman

    Yet Israel says repeatedly its not targeting civilians!

    @Punarjanman: Israel’s denial at this point is almost equal to Pakistan saying it is not harbouring or protecting militants in its state. They are not innocent until proven guilty, but rather gulity until proven inncent and right now the 1500 civilian death is against them. Targetting schools, mosques, houses and as of yesterday UN conpunds with the claim that there were militants in it is not just war. Bombing the whole city indiscrimnately in definetly going to harm civilian population especially given the fact that they cannot flee or move anywhere else. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Anusha

    It is sickening, isn’t it, that everyone finds the need to justify all these acts of violence? Israel its attack on Gaza and the Hamas its regular rocket attacks. Who is the ultimate loser but peace, humanity and faith? What crime did a father commit to have to bury his three toddlers? Or what crime did a little boy do to be marred beyond recognition, probably for life. And while we sit and theorise, and philosophise, there are more who are living their life to become cannon-fodder for hatred, war and insanity. Sad. Very sad.

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