CNN and my sore hand

I am happy that CNN is doing an almost end to end coverage of the Mumbai Shootings, but I wish they wouldn’t spin random stories and talk about people’s feelings and console with a crying reporter on air. I realize that being objective is a tough thing, but people asking the crying reporter how she was able to keep in touch with Americans and how she was able to console them is not reporting and definitely not something that needs to be done on air. NDTV is reporting that they are not carrying live pictures and live information about army movement to protect the troops and to comply with authority requests and the CNN reporter is going on and on about ow she is not being informed, how nothing is coming out and how it is impossible to make sense of anything. She was also talking about how the hostages became thirsty and could not drink tap water because they could possible die from contamination…and how it was a catch 22 situation.

It is a slow operation, and the commandos are showing they are more than capable of handling it, if only they were allowed to do their job. It is difficult to go room to room in a multi storey hotel , knock on each room, convince people to get out, all while making sure the casualty rate is kept low and as many hostages are removed alive. There was delay, and sometimes sloppy agreed. But there has to be some degree of understanding from the media and the people. If India refuses military aid from Israel or America, it has a reason, it is not something to be pitied. They make it sound as if we are being pig headed in refusing aid. India is a huge country with a huge population. If citizen rights were totally clamped and religion was totally prohibited from public eye, maybe things would be different. The west needs to understand that. They were shown to be incompetent too, after the WTC attacks prior to 9/11 and the other attacks, they still proved to be vulnerable. Britain showed itself to be vulnerable. Give us a break.

In the same breath, I think the Indian Government absolutely need to pull their socks up. This just will not do. As much as I admire the resilience of Mumbaikers, resilience should be shown in preventing another attack and not in forgetting the previous ones. There is an urgent need for Indians as a collective population to stand up and demand that the government pay attention, clean itself up and demand we be given a voice in the system. There is no meaning in pointing fingers, sitting under a blanket of denial and cry woe betide me or blame the colonial past. We need to move forward. We need to change the politics of the country. We cannot be running aorunf the congress , BJP circle. There needs to be a new India.


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