The Politics of Inequality!

So while Barack Obama marks the beginning of a new era in American politics as the first Black man to become the President, a new era of inequality has begun. California overturned laws legalizing Same Sex-Marriage and Arkansas has banned the adoption of children by single unwed men and women, a law which majority feel is targeted at homosexual couples. Can America ever be truly EQUAL.

Let’s stop and think for a moment, when we fall in love don’t we fall in love for who the person is, what the qualities of the person are and what the person thinks and feels. So when we fall in love or find our soul mates, why should the physical matter so much. One of the main opposition movements for the law was headed by the Mormon church, the same people who practice polygamy and the same people who still swear by child marriage. Doesn’t it seem like a case of the kettle calling the pot black. I don’t want to get into a biological or a religious argument here for the simple reason that I don’t think biology or religion has anything to do with this. As far as I am concerned who a person fall in love with, or who s/he has a relationship with does not define who the person is. Being gay or lesbian does not mean the person is a freak or does not mean the person sinned in their life and were cursed to be born this way, it just means that they fell in love and are choosing to marry this person who just happens to be of the same sex as they are. How society chooses to define them does not change the face that they are people like every one of us. When a person can treat an animal like a relative or child, when a person can still marry a 12 year old girl and take her home as his 12th or 15th bride and when a kid can grow up in a home where the father and/or mother are drunk, abusive and absolutely not fit to be parents, go without being questioned or banned why can’t a person chose who they are going to live their lives with and how they chose to live their lives.

I honestly don’t think that being born to homosexual parents or being brought in a home where the parents are of the same sex scars a kid in any way or makes the kid automatically homosexual. If anything, I think the kid has a much better chance of understanding relationships in a better way and copes with life in a much more sensible way. Yes, there is going to be some criticism or painful moments but that is only because society chooses to see the relationship and define them as weird, strange, queer and so on. I used to think that we have come a far way from the time when Black slaves use to counted as one fifths of a person. Let us not go through the same thing again. Couples, be they of the same sex or of opposite sexes go through the same trial and tribulations in a relationship, treating one as different from the other indicates the smallness of the human mind and how narrowly we chose to define humanity and how narrowly compassion and love are defined. I don’t want to give examples of relationships in the animal, plant and other worlds. All I want is a degree of respect and acknowledgment that it is impossible to peg human nature, sexuality, relationships as two round pegs into two round holes. Just open your eyes.


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