Palin – Fey! You have to see it.

Tina Fey is hilarious as Palin, Sarah Palin being the vice presidential candidate on the republican side. It is hard to pull a Hillary. The idea of having Palin on the ticket was, I am assuming driven a lot by the idea of having someone to attract the disgruntled Hillary supporters. But the Republican campaign is actually insulting Hillary supporters by having Palin on the ticket. The contrast between the two is amazing. Here is a woman who is a lawyer in her own right, steeped in politics and the ins and outs of Washington, willing to stand up and fight without backing down and is extremely intelligent and knowledgeable. Just the idea that Palin could take over the reigns is appalling in some sense. I mean, what were they trying to convey – that all women could be equated at some level, that any woman would do to bring the voters back, I don’t know. All I know is that the late night shows are having a good time. If you want to see the resemblance, check her out here.


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2 responses to “Palin – Fey! You have to see it.

  • karmicjay

    The republican campaign, I think is insulting not just Hilary supporters, but all women by thinking a lot of them will vote for Palin just cuz she is a woman.
    Scary that if they win Palin will be a heartbeat from the Presidency.
    Congratulations on the academic gig!

  • Grafx

    i love Palin. Not just because she ‘s a gal… *Hilary is too.. only from another planet*
    but because she is against abortion. which is murder by the way… so kudos to her. Hope they win. McCain that is.
    IF the democrats win…. the US will become an OBAMination to us all!!!

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