Sex and the City

When you are sitting in the middle of a small theatre, alone amidst 20 – 30 other people all of whom are not alone, you see more of a movie than you thought you would. When there is no chatter, or when there is no one prodding you every five minutes to ask for popcorn or ask what something really meant, you realize there is actually more in the movie than initially thought.

Sex and New York, what is unique and common here. I think it is that certain self centred nature that comes into play in both. New York is a very self centered city. It is always about the uniqueness of the city and the way it manages to dominate everything in sight. Sex is very self centered too, I mean how many times do you think, hmm..let him/her enjoy this, let it not be about how I want it….That is what I saw when I saw the movie. I am taking about all this in a good way. There is a scene in the end where Samantha realizes what she really wants and that was the most beautiful part of the movie for me. It was an acknowledgement of her needs and wants and her taking full responsibility for what she feels. She was a complete person all by herself and does not depend on someone else to complete her and maybe that is why I liked her role. It is so easy to slip into the role of being a doormat and constantly live to serve others. Isn’t it common to here “Oh, I am just happy doing this for you”. I don’t think that is real love…giving away all your love totally and basing all your happiness on that love is dangerous to say the least. A little bit of introspection and acknowledgement that I need something never will hurt.

You realize when you are married how much this doormat syndrome is praised. One hears “Oh, Are you cooking everything your husband likes?” from aunts who just have to know what is going on, or “Make sure he eats and sleeps well” to sometimes the most obscure “Are you keeping him happy?” I have not heard the last one personally, but know some who did…Isn’t anyone going to ask me “Is he keeping me happy?” or Is he doing his share of chores?”

That is perhaps why I felt happy doing this alone today, just me, all alone in the theater watching the lives of 40 somethings and how they attempt to fall in love, with themselves and with others on the big screen


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