The Shrinking wallet!

Apparently, your waist is not the only thing that takes a beating on diet plans. The Wallet thins down too. Well! DUH!!

I am all for a proportioned body, which has already made me a shrinking minority in this country, but this need to fit into a jean that is tailored for a bamboo shoot. Good Grief! I wish I could spoon feed a huge brownie to every star out there. This was also in the news. This attitude is so dangerous that it is not funny any more. People who have just had children losing 20 odd pounds in matter of weeks, exercising for 3 – 4 hrs a day. Why do you even bother having kid? I usually get the reaction that it is the media and all one has to do is ignore these messages and everything will be alright. But the truth is, this screwed up body image is a subtle message that pervades a lot more spaces than just MTV or celebrity magazines. I exercise to lose weight I gained, I am not denying it. But I also love eating…I made sugar cookies yesterday and wiped out about 3 cookies worth of dough :D. But when someone like her who makes grown women nuts says this, but also says she is a chain smoker and smokes in front of everyone including her kid,  you have to take a step back and wonder what goes through these people’s mind. I mean is this really necessary. The media is a huge source of influence here and it affects people. The obsession with cellulite and body shapes and creams and gels, drives one nuts. I still have no clue what cellulite is by the way. When they show a photo of a bikini wearing someone and point out cellulite, all I can see is a shaped butt and leg….It is eye rolling craziness.

I have been to places where the only talk centers around shapes, sizes and how much to lost by eating what…Are we suddenly running out of topics to talk about? Maybe, I am just in the wrong room, or with the wrong people. I don’t know. But as much as I want to lose weight, I also know that it is not a reflection of who I am or what I do. I’d rather have a full wallet, a satisfied stomach and a smile knowing that the next icecream bowl is just a few hours away 🙂


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2 responses to “The Shrinking wallet!

  • shadowypilgrim

    Interesting –

    Isn’t Cellulite a abnormal skin condition? I thought so and I dont think most people want cellulites! But then again maybe I am wrong! Unless I am wrong cellulite somehow are related to ‘creams and gels’.

    ” When they show a photo of a bikini wearing someone and point out cellulite, all I can see is a shaped butt and leg” — If thats all you can see then that makes you straight 🙂

    NO, See that’s it…it is not. It is apparently a normal condition among people, females especially caused due to hormones, diet, exercise and not something that can be made to diassapear using cream. Yeah That what I say to myself.

  • Never Mind

    Exactly! I wish the media promoted fit bodies rather than Size 0s.
    I think cellulite is the dimples in your skin developed due to a number of reasons including harmones. But I think weight gain is one of the major factors and is a concern for most people.

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