10 secrets that no longer are!!

Tagged by NeverMind to open up…interesting. I mean I never realized how many secrets a person can hold on to. Anyway, here goes something…

  1. I have crushes on lot of people I meet and talk, not the actor kind. It is exciting to imagine that this person I am talking to has no idea that I have a crush on him and consequently am not paying attention to what he is saying at all 😉
  2. Which leads me to..I once thought I was cursed. All my really serious crushes would disppear from my life after six months. Realized later that it was they who were cursed:D
  3. I am generally disinclined to socialize and be friendly with a roomful of strangers. I am considered to be charming and uber friendly, but I would prefer being alone, or two good friends to a roomful of people.
  4. I look down shamelessly on people who have no idea of what going on in the world and look no farther than their own circle.  I don’t have time for people who are self absorbed, disinterested or people with that bored expression on their faces.
  5. Leading from that, I do not respect people who do not read books, shocking!! I can never wrap my head around how people cannot or have not read and how can you not like reading!! 😮
  6. I love quiz competitions…the favourite part being where I get things right :D. Infact I loved school the best when the teacher asked questions and I could put my hand up and scream ME!!ME!! I still am like that
  7. I have a violent temper. Cross me and you will be sorry…really sorry
  8. I have an extremely loud voice…..was used in being a band leader for 3 years. Screaming during march past…
  9. I may have read Mills & Boons and harlequin romances..You know when I was pretending to not care and act like a tomboy and wear jeans and laugh at romance….I still may be reading them once in a while.
  10. I have a phobia of crossing streets. Why is it a secret. Once you have grabbed the hand of a 60+yr old grandmother when you are 16 and asked her to help you cross…..it becomes a secret.

So passing it on huh…Let’s see





Two cents

Anyother takers!!


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3 responses to “10 secrets that no longer are!!

  • Never Mind

    “All my crushes would disppear from my life after six months”. Please tell me they disappear only from your world and THE world! And I must congratulate you for sustaining crushes for 6 months. Thats like a lifetime for me. I crush every couple of weeks 🙂

    Thanks for being a sport and doing the tag.

  • Never Mind

    Oooo thats a nice new blog template!

  • Cacophoenix

    @Nevermind: Oh Those were the real serious ones ;). I had plenty to fill in the gaps.

    Was looking for some change. Blog templates seem to be easier to change than life itself 😀

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