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Life of millions in a cartoon


Tuesdays with Binary!

I am stagnating and therefore am starting “Tuesdays with Binary.”  The concept has been lifted from a blog I used to read a while back. The basic idea is I give a word, some random word and anyone who steps into my world can use that word in any which way they please. You can write a post, quote a verse, compose a poem, a haiku, stick a picture, or even link an older post or someone who reminds of something pertaining to that word. Simple eh!!

I used to do this a while back and realized the creativity it demanded. I have always thought of myself as a creative person, but somehow in the slap-dash, bing-bang ways of daily life it takes a back seat. I was reading a beautiful article on how Google is making us stupid. It kind of hit me hard. Since finishing up with my degree, I have gone back to the one thing that I absolutely love-reading books. I got this amazing book out, something I have been wanting to read for ages and sat with it. 10 minutes later, I was bored, couldn’t focus and was looking up too many things on wikipedia for explanation. I assumed I did not like that book anymore, and left it at that. Reading this article struck a chord. It is not I who has changed, it is only the way I read that has changed. I have been used to reading small chapters or skimming through 10 page articles looking for bytes I could use or trying to figure out the essence of the argument. I would usually google up relevant words, look up the results, choose articles of relevance, print them out and mark appropriate paragraphs. In short, it did not require much of my attention. Reading books, reading poetry usually kick starts my imagination and that is what makes me creative. There is a difference in imagining things and imagination that makes you do creative things. The “Tuesday word” I am hoping will do that again for me. It will help me concentrate on something, think about something constant and help me get out of a rut. Writing should not be forced I know, but sometimes the best works are the ones that come under pressure.

So with much fanfare, I unveil my first Tuesday word : See (Like in I saw this, I am seeing this or I would love to see that) Go on get rolling. Let me see all the ways this word can be used. One liners, 10 liners any way you please.

10 secrets that no longer are!!

Tagged by NeverMind to open up…interesting. I mean I never realized how many secrets a person can hold on to. Anyway, here goes something…

  1. I have crushes on lot of people I meet and talk, not the actor kind. It is exciting to imagine that this person I am talking to has no idea that I have a crush on him and consequently am not paying attention to what he is saying at all 😉
  2. Which leads me to..I once thought I was cursed. All my really serious crushes would disppear from my life after six months. Realized later that it was they who were cursed:D
  3. I am generally disinclined to socialize and be friendly with a roomful of strangers. I am considered to be charming and uber friendly, but I would prefer being alone, or two good friends to a roomful of people.
  4. I look down shamelessly on people who have no idea of what going on in the world and look no farther than their own circle.  I don’t have time for people who are self absorbed, disinterested or people with that bored expression on their faces.
  5. Leading from that, I do not respect people who do not read books, shocking!! I can never wrap my head around how people cannot or have not read and how can you not like reading!! 😮
  6. I love quiz competitions…the favourite part being where I get things right :D. Infact I loved school the best when the teacher asked questions and I could put my hand up and scream ME!!ME!! I still am like that
  7. I have a violent temper. Cross me and you will be sorry…really sorry
  8. I have an extremely loud voice…..was used in being a band leader for 3 years. Screaming during march past…
  9. I may have read Mills & Boons and harlequin romances..You know when I was pretending to not care and act like a tomboy and wear jeans and laugh at romance….I still may be reading them once in a while.
  10. I have a phobia of crossing streets. Why is it a secret. Once you have grabbed the hand of a 60+yr old grandmother when you are 16 and asked her to help you cross… becomes a secret.

So passing it on huh…Let’s see





Two cents

Anyother takers!!