Google Standard Time! Think April 1st

That email I was supposed to send to my father as soon as I landed in the US about 4 years ago, well according to Google TimeI still have time to send it. YEY:D

Think about all the pitiful excuses made..”Oh, my computer stopped working,”‘I spilt coffee on the drive and it went kaput”, “Maybe I sent it to the wrong email”, or the birthdays missed oooh!! I can already see a dozen possibilities. “Chuckles and rubs hand in glee” I can’t believe you didn’t reply to the email I sent today, but that which I sent four years ago. Hehe! But you know know what as exciting as all this sounds. I can feel it in my blood that this is an elaborate “April fool Prank“. It seems to good and too Google prank like. I can just feel it in my bones. I am good at this…I mean they actually have a formula for justifying the 10 predated emails. I am not good at math, but this is hilarious. Hehe!!! I love it. Happy April Fool’s Day!!!


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