Books hai Wonderful!

It is a Book Tag….Yey!! I am so eager to write this that the first few words came out in a blur of random assorted letters typed on the keyboard. And I am excited because I get to talk about books. YEY!! Have you ever seen that Wonderful Doodh ad, well I sing it to books. You know

 Books..books..books…books, Books hai wonderful, read sakthe hai roz pageful.

I didn’t say the song was pretty, But you get the idea Anyway here it goes.

 A book that made you laugh: Asterix and Obelix; Archies

A book that made you cry: Erich Segal – The Class.

A book that scared you: Wuthering Heights – Emily Bronte

A book that disgusted you: Maximum City – Suketu Mehta. Made me think how ppl lead lives that were so complicated and beyond reason.

A book you loved in elementary school: Anything Enid Blyton- The faraway Tree, Noddy, Adventures of the Wishing chair….everything

A book you loved in middle/junior high school: Without a doubt the Malory towers and St. Clares time. Famous Five, Five Findouters, Three Investigators, Ruskin Bond and Roald Dahl

A book you loved in high School: Erich Segal – Doctors, The Red Scarf Girl

A book you loved in college: The Jason Bourne triology – Robert Ludlum.

A book that challenged your identity: Oooh Interesting. Freedom At Midnight- Made me question my identity as a responsible citizen and challenged me to take on political science.

 A series you love: Famous Five, Three Investigators, Asterix, Tintin…..

Horror: Eh! rather do Mystery

Science fiction: Love all Robin Cook, Micheal Crichton. I want substance, not random aliens and yucky green mess.

Your favourite fantasy: Toughie. I live in fantasy and 20%. So Malory towers, eveything Enid Blyton. Mahabaratha a close second.

Your favourite mystery: DUH!! Sherlock Holmes. There is no question of a second. The first place I went sightseeing is the Sherlock holmes museum in London. It is absolutely breathtaking. Makes the man so real, the adventures plausible and imagination so much more realistic

Your favourite biography: Indira – Katherine Frank. An honest portrayal.

Your favourite “Coming of age” book: The Red Scarf Girl – Ji Li Jiang

 Your favourite classic: Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen

Your favourite romance book:Doctors – Erich Segal, Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen.

All Done…Any takers???


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3 responses to “Books hai Wonderful!

  • Aparna

    I debated for a while if Maximum City was the book that disgusted me the most, but then for the most part it was a great read. BUt I agree with you on that.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and yeah I miss out on discussing Sherlock Holmes with people I know here in the US.

  • binaryfootprints

    Actually I felt disgusted was a strong word. I really loved the book, but it disgusted me in the sense that, it gave me this peek into a side of human beings that I find disgusting. The kind of people who do not think twice before killing, the manipulative, self centered, greedy, lowlife’s who dot the earth. Thanks for stopping by..

  • Zoya

    Meeeeeeeee ! I’ve never done tags before…but since it is a book tag, I am jumping right in ! 🙂 I’m surprised and glad to see that we have common likes.

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