Maybe I will just go back to sleep..

How can you be a political science student and yet develop a strong disdain for politics. How can the sight of political candidates make you groan and how can debates make you scream and run????

Well if you have lived in this country for about 2 years now, you can do all the above and more. I beginning to understand the difference between learning about the science of politics and actual politics. There is a lot of difference folks, a lot and I am loving real politik less and less. It is not about the candidates or their views or anything of that sort. It is the biases of the media and the extent to which a modern, developed, industrialized nation can live this closeted life. It is appalling to say the least. Let me make some things clear now, I cannot vote here, this is the first election I am witnessing here and I am so far from being a feminist I can be an anti feminist (That’s another the brickbats..I have a thesis to finish). The media here has become so much a part of this election, that I can safely say that it will single handedly determine the outcome of this one. I have never seen so much Anti-Hillary tirades, or pro-Obama movements. It is hard to watch it and not feel as if there is something more than just hating the Clinton name.  Bill Clinton referring to Jesse jackson and comparing him to Obama was a racist slur and yet “pimping” out Chelsea as put so elegantly by a supposedly unbiased news anchor is making too much of a stupid off the cuff remark?!?! When Romney cries it is Oh so valiant and sensitive when Hillary does the same, it is hormonal or acting for the votes. Obama snickering and rolling eyes and agreeing to everything Hillary says in the debate is graciousness personified, yet when Hillary does the same it is weakening of her role. She is a worthy candidate and yet there has been so few comments which are positive. And don’t even start about the various dissections about her dress, cleavage, her laugh, her walk, her tone, raising her voice. My God ! I feel like I’ve stepped into some bygone century. There are white men who vote more for Obama than for Hillary and they have openly said it is because they cannot fathom a woman president. I am no feminist, I say again and yet all this makes me so enraged that men in my house are bearing the brunt of it. Are these people for real. Obama is a good guy, but I am not sure if he is so good that it turns into a sort of “Religious cult” (Not my words). People are actually fainting and crying at his speeches aka Michael Jackson’s concert. This is ridiculous. Gah! I understand that the youth have something to cheer about. A handsome, charming orator is not something you get everyday. But what are they cheering for…speeches that sound eerily like sermons or for his chants of change. Isn’t it important to see the real issues behind the scene. A person whose policies echoes an experienced senator and who agrees with everything she says in debates, a person who has had more than a hundred present not yes o no but present votes, a person who hasn’t so far stood up and defended his positions with a fury, but usually odes so meekly is far from being the President of a country which so badly needs a strong iron fist to shape it back into place. I am all for unifying, but you can’t get that with speeches alone. At some point there needs to be more and if there isn’t, it is going to get real dangerous. I am not warning or predicting a mess. He may be good for all I know. But seeing how a country can step back centuries in their mindset has made me question everything that I see and hear here. Maybe I should just turn of the TV and go back to sleep.


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