Monthly Archives: January 2008


SPLENDID! That my friends is my word for the week. I like the word. It sounds very classy, very sophisticated and very British. It definetly sounds much better than say “WOW” or “Awesome” which apparently to one 5 year old are words I use far too often. He has a feeling that those are the only two words I know in the english language. What can I say…”The holidays dumbed me down?!?!”

So how were the holidays? Splendid! out all day in a place where it is winter at 60 deg F, beach, museums, half price book shops, icecreams in the morning and champagne and dance at night…It couldn’t have been better.

How the weather here where I live? Splendid! A bump from 30 deg F to 60 deg F in a single day is better than splendid…it is ‘splendidest 😀

NYT crosswords are the best thing that has happened so far this holiday. I am in love, in love with little black and white boxes that go down and across.

It amazes me to no end, that after all that has happened over the last 8 years, that people would still go for a person with “Charisma” and “Charm” and splendid rhetorical skills over a person with experience and far more capabilities to swim the shark infested waters of the world. It amazes me more that very obvious differences are not exploited. Yeah she’s awoman and she is going to pander to woman voters, get over it. And yeah he is going to exploit his obvious voter base. What is the problem. Geez, this around the head approach to touch one’s nose makes me question my sanity at times.

I have heard of young politicians, but a possible politician who is not eligible according to the constitution (Whatever remains of the constitution) talking about politics…I don’t know. Here is a person who answers a press question like this “WHat makes you think you can lead P………?” “I can lead P……. because….yada yada” Anyone who anwers a question with half the question in the answer is too young to be in politics, heck I was asked to stop doing that in fifth standard. It is splendid however to think that responsibility to a nation can come at such young an age…would be impressive to see students take such an active interest in politics in other countries too.



It is quite difficult to sum up the whole of 2007 in a single blog post. It would suffice to say that right now where I am is what I have dreamt of for a long long time. To be honest, I never realised that this is what I wanted till I am actually in it. Now I am here, I never want to leave. I cracked a fortune cookie on New year’s Eve, about 30 minutes before midnight. It said “A new voyage will fill your life with untold memories”. I am hopful about the future as much as I am apprehensive about it. I will keep travelling.