The new heartthrob is in town…

There is a new heartthrob in town and the girls are swooning and so are some guys…..It is quite funny the kind of image that these people wish to project and what is more funny, two of the news stories today had to do with bare chested men, men who are not in typical situations dreamt about and swooned and sighed about….

This and This is what, ladies and gentlemen are occupying news channels and radio waves and sending shock waves across countries. Could it be a new war maybe, a Bourne Vs Bond kind of situation…Who has the best bod. Will the esteemed guv’nor from California join or even our Cowboy from Washington. Heehaw..

Wouldn’t it be awesome if all three got together and had a, I don’t know Camp somewhere meet. I can imagine the headlines..Ooh the possibilities. Will be a breakthrough in friendly relations…Enjoy folks


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