A little less conversation….

Elvis in my mind and burning my speakers. This song has been playing every half hour on my computer. Obsession, new craze, new “my tune”, I don’t know..all I know is it asks for a “Little less Conversation and a little more action please..


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2 responses to “A little less conversation….

  • Grafxgurl

    that was a huge favorite at my university when we had a laaaaatttee night of design work.. cranked up the song and be bopped our heads to it!!

  • Bead Rifle

    Elvis’ was the first of the 19 posters (as of today) to find its way on to my wall. Well i wouldn’t call him the first artist who’s music i was obsessed over, but for a period of 8 months his songs were a constant feature on my play-list. Every time i read his name somewhere, i still open up his songs and play them…like now…’You’re the Devil In Disguise’….

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