Monthly Archives: August 2007

A little less conversation….

Elvis in my mind and burning my speakers. This song has been playing every half hour on my computer. Obsession, new craze, new “my tune”, I don’t know..all I know is it asks for a “Little less Conversation and a little more action please..


The new heartthrob is in town…

There is a new heartthrob in town and the girls are swooning and so are some guys…..It is quite funny the kind of image that these people wish to project and what is more funny, two of the news stories today had to do with bare chested men, men who are not in typical situations dreamt about and swooned and sighed about….

This and This is what, ladies and gentlemen are occupying news channels and radio waves and sending shock waves across countries. Could it be a new war maybe, a Bourne Vs Bond kind of situation…Who has the best bod. Will the esteemed guv’nor from California join or even our Cowboy from Washington. Heehaw..

Wouldn’t it be awesome if all three got together and had a, I don’t know Camp somewhere meet. I can imagine the headlines..Ooh the possibilities. Will be a breakthrough in friendly relations…Enjoy folks

Dancing in my Shoes!

I was going through some old photos that I got from India and spotted one which brought some real fun memories of my school days. I used to dance back then and was there in every competition on stage that required me to dance, don a costume, talk or even just stand..I loved the spotlight. We were actually a group of 4 girls all my classmates during my Kindergarten to 5th standard. One of the girls mother used to teach us how to groove. She was an amazing person who unfortunately passed away a few years back. I used to love being at her place and going through songs and figuring out steps. So there we are me, VR, SV, and NM dancing on stage and enjoying every tiny bit at least I did.

Anyway this was one of my favourite songs and one of the best dance performances I remember vividly. I must have been in 3rd or 4th at that time. A very popular song and I glad I found it. ENJOY!!

A Long Journey Home..

3 months of life away can make you crave for the simplest things that you leave behind…The leaves outside my window twirling and dancing in the wind, the gentle curves of my pillow, the smell of my own cooking!!! and the pleasure of sitting here in my chair, looking at the green grass by the window and wondering if that petrified rabbit or the wily squirrel will get to the nut first. I was away for this really long holiday in India and one month of summer study in Cambridge, UK. and now that I am back and have felt up the above mentioned, my heart yearns to go back and my feet aches to start globe trotting again.

The trip back home coincided (made to coincide!)with my grandpa’s 80th b’day, my parents 25th anniversary, my dad’s 50th b’day and my youngest brother’s Upanayanam. There is this smile which starts the minute you board the plane, this inexpressible joy at being back home just in time for a big function where I have a feast for 2 weeks continuously and get to behave like a kid again with my 10 cousins, feel the fall and rise of my father’s chest and lie on my mother’s lap in the big wooden wing at home. There is impishness in fluffing my grandpa’s beard every time I pass by and in hugging my granny just after she finishes her sacred bath and heads to pooja and in talking nineteen to the dozen when my mother is cooking. Every event deserves a post in itself, and I don’t want to rush through after these are some of the best memories I hold and I want to savour each drop of it. I will at least to try in some way to be unselfish and try express what life is like every time I go back and every time I make a return journey to relive my childhood.

I have been unfaithful and haven’t blogged. I apologize. I was in so much of a rush to leave and in my rush to squeeze every second of a life I cherish, I all but forgot how it was to talk to a computer, share my love with only one person, and live life miles away from where my heart yearns to go every now and then. But I am back, to narrate tales of my long holiday, my summer in Cambridge, and the rest of my life. Thanks to all for their concern, I am happy that I have found a family I have never met, but seem to know a lot of here…