TV turnoff!!

We are officially turning off the TV…at least for this week. This is where “Mission Conversation” was launched.

I am not a TV addict. But there are somethings I watch. The BBC news is like my additional caffeine dose in the morning along with my cuppa. Then the few odd pleasures every now and then. But this week, nothing is acceptable. Of course with the profusion of entertainment in the form of radio and Internet, the NO TV idea is workable, but for additional measure I added a clause “No entertainment of any sort be it on TV or Internet”. News I need to, for work (Rolls Eyes!) but nothing else shall stand. I mostly listen to the news programs on the Radio and NPR is like manna from Broadcasting heaven, and so that is permitted.

I don’t think it should be difficult. I mean with the overdose of entertainment news from around the world this past week, I am so ready to not switch on the TV or Internet for any sort of stupid, mindless fluff. They were like the dust bunnies, the more you wipe away, the more they come..Eeyuck!! Anyway that is where things stand now. I managed to do without my morning news, just made my coffee stronger. Actually thought out a few things and feeling nice and empty and ready to take on the Big Bad world of Politics.

So any of you want to give it a try?? I promise it will be fun.

OH BTW!! I updated my Political footprints In case people are interested in my burgeoning political life.


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4 responses to “TV turnoff!!

  • Sanjay

    You should be able to do this with ease. My Teeevee watching is down to about 15 minutes, quick glimpse of the Daily show or Keith Olberman’s top story on Countdown.

    Yes where would folks like us be without BBC and NPR?

    Btw I loved your Friday poem, brought back a lot of memories. And I am glad to see a different interpretation of the word too.
    Will check out your political blog as well.

  • The Pilgrim

    True, without NPR and BBC where would we get the ‘real world’ news.

  • Perspective Inc

    Yup, NPR is now an all important source if not the only one there for ‘real’ news..

  • Anali

    So how is it going? I don’t know if I could do it. I don’t have cable though. Does that count? : )
    And thanks for the link!

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