Guilty Pleasures!!

I can be at some instances a little addicted to the Tube (Not youtube silly!!) I mean I watch about 4-5 shows that come on the TV regularly. Unfortunately for me, they cancelled one of the best shows out there. I guess it is good in some ways. I am in Grad school. But these sitcoms and dramas are what keeps me sane at times. I mean you can watch BBC and read news only so much. These are some my regulars:

Monday Night Two and a half men:
It is not rib tickling fun, but it is funny enough to be a comedy. It does get a little adult at times though. I mean some things there make me cringe and redden, but I enjoy watching it to lighten up an otherwise dreary Monday. It is about these two brothers, one a twice divorced father of one (basically the loser) and the other the playboy. So it about these two men and the son who is the half man. It is about the craziness that is their life.

Wednesday Night Friday Night Lights:
If there was a reason to watch one hour dramas, this is it. One of the most under appreciated drama of this season, it just holds you by your collar and never lets go. It is a take off one the Movie. It is about a small Texas town football team the Dillon Panthers and their lives. it is more about their lives than football, but boy is it scintillating. The actors, the story lines, the camera action, lights everything is just perfect to make it the best show I watch. It is definitely must watch. It makes you think, feel, cry and stand up and cheer every time the boys do well. It makes you heart warm and makes you see how so many lives can revolve around one elongated soccer ball. It is about Jason street the QB who becomes a quadriplegic in a freak accident at one game, it is about the shy sophomore who takes care of his grandma who is pushed to lead his team, it is about the friendship between street and star player riggins that is tested, it is about how smash and his big talk and ego and how he deals with racism, it is about how the coach deals with the pressure and still manages to bring his passion to the field with the help of his wife a guidance counselor. Just watch it, you will know.

Thursday Ugly Betty:
Like there is a need to explain this show. It has achieved critical acclaim. The actress who plays Betty makes us look beyond her braces, her glasses and everything else and makes us look for the goodness within each of us.

So there it is a fell 2 and half hour worth of drama, comedy, romance and good TV time. Makes me enjoy life a little bit more.


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