Friday Word: Dance

She looked at the giant mirror near her bed
She twirled and looked again. Her back, her front
She brushed her hair again not that it mattered
But she did want to look her best.

She looked at the shimmery frock she had
It was all fluffed up shiny and pretty
Her friend thought it looked rad
She knew it looked prettier than that

She wore her silvery shoes with a little star
She took a deep breath and sang a little song.
She was travelling and going real far
To do a little dance and perhaps do some more

Her father kissed her forehead and looked all proud
He smoothed her hair and gave her his love
Go on, little dancers spread some joy to the crowd
He opened the gates and saw them laugh and then fly

She leaped and twirled around. She did a gentle somersault
and flew upside down. Her friends laughed and joked
They executed a triple jump with nary a fault
They held hands with her and danced into town

The wind was slow and silent. He loved seeing them come
Sometimes he blew a little, just to see them dance around
Sometimes he’d lead them to a cottage, sometimes to the slum
They danced all the way, tapping their little feet and nodding their little heads

I stepped out to enjoy the fun, the little snow girl fell
just on the tip of my nose, she made me smile and made me laugh
I did a little step on the crunchy snow, I couldn’t tell
what made me dance, but I did and I danced all day

I made people around me dance, people I touched danced too
The snow flake shed her fluffy dress and went her way
She took a stopover on my nose and then she flew
She danced away into the spring and fall and then home she flew

She sits there all year waiting all day and all night
To dress in her shimmery frock and
wear her starlit shoes and paint the town white
I wait in my room to see her come and dance my way into town.


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