High Tea.

Would you care for a cup ‘o’ tea?
She said. Trying her best to sound
As royal and as English as she could
Would you like some tea?

She tilted her little pink pot
and poured some tea in one little cup
She made sure she didn’t slosh and spill
She had made it and made it hot

She offered her royal guests some sandwiches
She thought they might fancy the little bites
She had put cream cheese and strawberry jelly on it
And topped it with a tiny cherry she thought looked rich.

Thank you, I made the tea myself
My mum taught me to brew them right
My dad taught me to choose the best, smiling she said
once again I did make them myself

She talked about the gardens and the royal pets
She talked at length about the changing weather
She admired the pretty sweater they wore
And the delicate hats with little nets

And soon it was time to bid adieu
It was such an honor ma’m she said
I hope you can stop once again for tea
She smiled and did a graceful bow

She got up, and cleaned the tiny pot of tea
She wiped the table and put everything away
She grabbed her dolls with flowing gown and netted hats
She put them away till ‘morrow’s high tea.


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