If night were a woman

Mona’s word for the day “Hair”

If night were a woman, she would appear to be
Like the woman who sat in front of me,
Her face I have never seen, for who can but see
Beyond the raven tresses that ache to break and flow free

They sometimes are swept up in a bun high, giving me
a glance of her shoulders white and silky
I can see why those strands would be so happy
adorning her pretty head and watching me sigh and heave.

Then sometimes they are let loose and free
Like waves at night that up in the sky I see
They float, they laugh with their naughtiness they tease me
To watch them caress her cheek, feel her breath..Oh the agony.

If night were a woman, the sky her tresses,t hen let me be
The flowers that might adorn her head, like the sky bright and starry
So I can be by side, smell her loveliness see her smile so sweet
In little pleasures like these my life be full and my heart happy will be.


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