Running thoughts!!

You know you have been going to the gym too often when:

You are desperately searching for your gym card three months after you have bought your first exercise machine.

You carry a gym bag with bottle and towel down to the basement

You dress up to go exercise in the basement.

You keep looking to your right or left to see how fast the nest person is running at.

You hear a real upbeat song and all you can think of is running on a treadmill for that song.

You put your cell on silent as soon as you start to exercise.

You sit in the car in the morning and realise you have no where to go for another one hour.

You miss listening to some senseless Morning show on TV.

You miss being able to show the person next to you, that you were able to run faster for an extra 5 mins.

You miss saying I am going to the gym and leave life behind for and hour or so.


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