Colours of my Life

Mona here gives a Friday word every well…Friday. I just thought it would be a good oppurtunity to dust those cobwebs, oil the wheels and get my right side of brain cranking again. So here goes. Friday word colour for the first friday in February.

I stepped in wearing colours of green and orange,
Not quite aware of how life would change
It was dawn, the sky shimmered in gentle hues
of gold, white, purple and blues

The place was a riot of colours,
People talking in shades of yellow and red. Flowers
from the wings of a peacock adorning my head
I could barely hear myself or what was being said.

They adorned me in colours of the rain drenched sand,
Silver anklets on my feet, rust and golden bangles on my hand.
Don’t raise your head, walk slow they said. I ignored and sought
a pair of brown eyes and a gentle touch that love to me had brought.

I saw white, I saw black, purple, orange, blue, green, yellow
colours from every part of a rainbow
And yet with one golden thread, they faded behind
His eyes were on mine and the colours of his face in my mind.

I left home on a sunny, blue day. The plane was stark and white
The farewell dark and silver as I waved til they went out of sight
I landed on acold winter’s day. The air was cold and life seemed to be in shades of grey

The years have only been few,but life as coloured as black and blue
I woke up today, to the gentle and shimmering snow pristine and new
I felt some pink on my cheeks when he reached out for a kiss from his wife
I hugged myself and watched the sky light up in the colours of my life


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