That was me making snow angels in the first snow of the season..About time I say. I woke up, or should I be honest and confess was woken up rather rudely and dragged to the window. We ran outside, right into some powdery, sugar like, absolutely regal snow with just pyjamas and coats. I fell to the ground made some angels, got right up and made some snow balls and had a welcome the sun fight. The early birds who had to make it to work stopped grumbling as they cleaned their car and smiled, the kid dragging her books chuckled, my neighbour still sleepy laughed and I screamed with delight as a big ball of wet snow landed on my neck. It is such a glorious feeling. Lying down on the driveway on the softest crystal bed, as the sun came up apple cheeks and all and as the last star faded behind the flaming curtains, to see the snow fall was like taking a peek backstage beyond the clouds and into the world where men are made, seasons ordered to duty and where God sits chuckling at his jokes. Snow tastes a little salty, a little sweet and 100% fun. Hope M had her own snow party and the stunning elegance of the late visitor makes her want to blog……..


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