A Parade in Silence!!

I am back.. Had a good week long vacation in a place where dreams never rest and feet never ache till you go back home. I was in Disney world. Had a rocking time. You are never too old to scream at the sight of a mouse, bounce when you see tigger and give a big smack to eeyore just to see the smile on his face. I gave a big bear hug to Brer Bear and did a little jig with chip and dale. We were in Magic Kingdom on Christmas day. Got to see the most amazing fireworks, Christmas day parade. There was one sight which stuck with me throughout the whole trip and it kind of made me feel nice and warm deep in my tummy. The parade was in the late afternoon. It was a rainy day. So there I was under a poncho, praising the lord for giving me a very Chinese version of a samosa. We had a real good spot, right where the parade was starting. There was an old couple right in front of me and there was a Disneypersonnel with them gesturing vividly and explaining something. I didn’t give much thought to it until the parade started. The horn tooted and the drums rumbled and the man opposite me started gesturing those things. There was a spark in the couples eye and they got out their camera. From then till 15 minutes later when the parade passed us, the man was dancing, jumping and gesticulating every sound coming from the parade and every noise he heard from the characters. I have never seen a happier person and a more enthusiastic audience. Sound was as much a part of the whole show as the characters. To see these people enjoying themselves and actually seeing sound was heartwarming. I didn’t feel sad for them. They knew ho best to enjoy themselves. They will perhaps play the video over and over again, maybe to their grand kids or their own kids who would be as excited as these people were to see silence in a place where all dreams come true.


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