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Another Life to Live!!


Colours of my Life

Mona here gives a Friday word every well…Friday. I just thought it would be a good oppurtunity to dust those cobwebs, oil the wheels and get my right side of brain cranking again. So here goes. Friday word colour for the first friday in February.

I stepped in wearing colours of green and orange,
Not quite aware of how life would change
It was dawn, the sky shimmered in gentle hues
of gold, white, purple and blues

The place was a riot of colours,
People talking in shades of yellow and red. Flowers
from the wings of a peacock adorning my head
I could barely hear myself or what was being said.

They adorned me in colours of the rain drenched sand,
Silver anklets on my feet, rust and golden bangles on my hand.
Don’t raise your head, walk slow they said. I ignored and sought
a pair of brown eyes and a gentle touch that love to me had brought.

I saw white, I saw black, purple, orange, blue, green, yellow
colours from every part of a rainbow
And yet with one golden thread, they faded behind
His eyes were on mine and the colours of his face in my mind.

I left home on a sunny, blue day. The plane was stark and white
The farewell dark and silver as I waved til they went out of sight
I landed on acold winter’s day. The air was cold and life seemed to be in shades of grey

The years have only been few,but life as coloured as black and blue
I woke up today, to the gentle and shimmering snow pristine and new
I felt some pink on my cheeks when he reached out for a kiss from his wife
I hugged myself and watched the sky light up in the colours of my life

Running thoughts!!

You know you have been going to the gym too often when:

You are desperately searching for your gym card three months after you have bought your first exercise machine.

You carry a gym bag with bottle and towel down to the basement

You dress up to go exercise in the basement.

You keep looking to your right or left to see how fast the nest person is running at.

You hear a real upbeat song and all you can think of is running on a treadmill for that song.

You put your cell on silent as soon as you start to exercise.

You sit in the car in the morning and realise you have no where to go for another one hour.

You miss listening to some senseless Morning show on TV.

You miss being able to show the person next to you, that you were able to run faster for an extra 5 mins.

You miss saying I am going to the gym and leave life behind for and hour or so.

Bells and Whistles

Do we idolize celebrities so much that we ignore basic laws of the land? Are the celebrities so into themselves that they blatantly ignore basic laws of the land. A celebrity almost deified in the country, a sitting Rajya Sabha MP, an industrialist, a citizen journalist, an international actor who is known to work in orphanages and for child causes, an MP of a leading party and none of them bothered to step up and say this is not right. Hundreds of news stories covering the event and none except this one even bothered to mention it. Did we just go overboard in our ridiculous following of people whose claim to fame are a few titles and n number of movies. They talk about racism in and outside country and yet when it comes to their own land, no one speaks up.

I am not a big fan of the entertainment industry, nor a feminist fighting for equal rights, but something doesn’t strike me right when a revered actor says his to be daughter in law, the most beautiful woman in the world, the woman who supposedly put bollywood in the international arena, who has acted in a movie on spousal abuse, who represents India outside is “Domesticated and homely”.

Is it so important that a woman be domesticated and homely before getting married? Isn’t a woman’s achievements of no importance or is it considered rare for a woman of so many achievements to also know how to make dal roti. I don’t know. I just feel that the media is horribly misguided and the stars who can take the high road and probably set an example for people who follow their every step too caught up in the melee.

I am Cacophoenix

I am Cacophoenix. I am an intelligent, creative, confident, strong and incredibly talented person. I have a thirst for knowledge and love learning about new places, people and things. I am outgoing and charming. I can write well, and draw well. I am good in literature, history, science and arts. I have a good memory, which serves me well in quiz competitions. I have a mind of my own and can be stubborn at times. I am passionate about a lot of things and tend to follow my passions. I am my own person. I am a little quirky, a little silly, a little romantic, a little hot tempered and a little imaginative. I am a Piscean and am incredibly vain about it. I love my life and I love who I am. And this is how I want to be thought as.

It ticks me off when people judge me by my looks or how tall I am or how fat I am. I hate being assessed by how I look. I hate being judged period. It is difficult I realise, to live now without ever being judged or having to judge. I judge sometimes too and get upset about my erroneous conclusions when a person reveals to be more than what I saw. Some of my best friends are the ones who I judged too hastily. There has to be a certain assessment of looks for certain occasions, I can live with that. It is however a different thing altogether when people who know you to a reasonable extent look at how you are rather than what you are. I am at fault too, I let myself be carried away in opposing directions depending on what was said. What I have written above is kind of a recommendation letter for myself, I want to know that there is more to me than what people see. I will come back and read it every time I am down, every time I feel incompetent or every time I feel like taking a swing at people who are expected to know better. Everyone should do this. I don’t feel narcissistic saying I am smart. I know I am, I can be quite an idiot at times, but saying I am intelligent just helps me do better at my job, because I know I wouldn’t accept anything less from me. I know what my capabilities are and I have to have a certain degree of confidence in them. Go on. write 8 sentences about yourself that tell who you really are. Not physical features. And see how you feel at the end of it. I don’t want to feel miserable every time someone says with a critical tone that I have gained weight or my face looks weary and pale. I know me and I will not let myself be judged like that.


That was me making snow angels in the first snow of the season..About time I say. I woke up, or should I be honest and confess was woken up rather rudely and dragged to the window. We ran outside, right into some powdery, sugar like, absolutely regal snow with just pyjamas and coats. I fell to the ground made some angels, got right up and made some snow balls and had a welcome the sun fight. The early birds who had to make it to work stopped grumbling as they cleaned their car and smiled, the kid dragging her books chuckled, my neighbour still sleepy laughed and I screamed with delight as a big ball of wet snow landed on my neck. It is such a glorious feeling. Lying down on the driveway on the softest crystal bed, as the sun came up apple cheeks and all and as the last star faded behind the flaming curtains, to see the snow fall was like taking a peek backstage beyond the clouds and into the world where men are made, seasons ordered to duty and where God sits chuckling at his jokes. Snow tastes a little salty, a little sweet and 100% fun. Hope M had her own snow party and the stunning elegance of the late visitor makes her want to blog……..

I live my Life.

I had holidays, winter break from school, from life in general.

I saw a squirrel rummaging for that last nut, the bird dragging a worm from hibernation, the smoke that comes out of my piping hot morning coffee. I smelt the gentle aroma of my freshly laundered clothes, I saw the wind in the trees, I heard the clank of the letter box at mid day when my postman comes, I smiled at the slow ballad the day dances with the night sky before the sun leaves the blushing sky behind, the north star which follows me home and the hum of the engine as it comes to a rest in my garage. I sighed at the welcoming smell of hot food and burning incense as I step through the doors, the enthusiastic greeting I get, I closed my eyes contended at the warmth of a beating heart on which I lay my head and the gentle kiss on my head.