Identity Crisis!!

She walked in tools in hand, Sparkle in eye,
She walked in song on lips and head held high
She stopped for a moment beside me

It was a wonder that she spotted me
I thought no one could see me
Blending, as I was with the rest of the world

I had walked a few miles on the road.
The journey was long and I bored,
I wanted a wash, a change and a new wardrobe

I was lost in the world of zero’s and one’s
Life bore little meaning and no fun
I wanted a prayer, a little hope and something more

In she came, with her tools, sparkle and all
She sang a sweet little song and I gave her an order tall
She blew the smoke of her tool and set to work.

She shaped, coloured, cut, stuck and wove
The colours in my life and the big shoes that I wore
She made them blue, she gave me some sand, and a wave

I can feel my flat feet in the sand sink
I can see waves of thought every time I blink
I have happy blue shoes to walk and to lend

Can you see me smile mile wide
Can you see the wave that I ride
Can you see the sparkle in my word

The nerd did it all, with a smile, a sparkle
a song. I tell you she’s a marvel
All bow to the Grafx gurl who made my toes curl


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