Spot, Sigh, Swoon!!!

Learnt a very valuable lesson on the weekend. “Never say Never again”. Just for the records, what you are going to read is someone I have never met before. It is not the normal me. I don’t act like this and definetly not react like this. I saw ‘Casino Royale’ over the weekend. SIGH, SWOON!!! I had sworn I couldn’t accept any other Bond. For a Bond fanatic like me, Craig ws so unbond that I felt it would be torture to sit there. And yet when the time came, I was in the seat first day. And swoon I did. I realised that I should never say never again when I heard a collective gasp from the people in the theater when he stepped out of the water in one scene. I will not confess to gasping with the rest of ’em. The movie was absolutely wonderful. Everything you would expect a Bond to be and everything you don’t. Thinking about it now, this is perhaps the true Bond. He is a real spy, a real gritty, manly, agent. Not the I am so unruffled, suit wearing type. I am so floating inside my head. The heroine for once was not an idiot too. Heh! Treat for the ‘meri woh’. He was upset that she didn’t last though. I didn’t mind that much. This Bond had a story, a good story and it kind of sets the pace for the whole Bond series. Craig pulls it off with elegance, gusto and absolute brilliance. And I have swooned and sighed for him to satisfy my nine lives. I am shaken, stirred and acting totally drunk. So if you will excuse me, I have to go dream about the man who livd twice.


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