Digressions over Dirty Dishes.

Ever wonder how the more you wash those dishes, the more gets piled up in the sink. It starts with one pesky little spoon or fork, that I was lazy to wash, and the next thing I know WHOA!! I did not cook so much, how did the sink get filled up!!??!! The funny thing about this whole cycle is the fact that I actually enjoy washing dishes. It helps me become calm and gives me time to contemplate, about things like life. Ever realise how similar life is to dirty dishes. I mean here you are solving problems, you solve them one by one slowly giving attention to each and every nook, rinsing it and re-rinsing it to make sure there is not soap scum, and then voila you have an empty sink and voila someone throws in that pesky spoon in again. I guess if we tackled each and every problem if and when they happened rather that leave it to stink and deal with them when they are looming in front of your eyes, life would be so much better, but then not everyone has that much foresight. It takes a great deal of will power and perseverance to deal with tough to remove spots. It does for me. Sometimes I am running from one place to next, that I don’t pause till the load become too unsightly to see or carry, or some other times I am just plain lazy. An incredibly warm couch and a real nice nystery thriller on TV is too tempting to ignore to take care of the mundane life. I berate myself everytime the sink or my life fills up and then fall back into old habits. As they say old habits die hard or should I say are highly resistant to “Dawn Foam” action. Atleast with die hard habits you can blame God for making you that way, but stubborn problems for which you think you have the perfect solution are not so. You have to scrape like your life depended on it…you curse it, rub it , pray over it and cry over it till one fine moment it is all gone…YEY!! all your hard work has paid off after all.
Life is funny; We can never stop taking our life and making something out of it and we always end up with the problems that come from it. It is perhaps a testimony to the untiring soul within us which forever seems ready to deal with grease and gunk because they think of life getting a little better afterwards or the life long adventurer in us who always seeks new piles of problems to clean up just to feel that surge of adrenalin that comes with conquered jobs. I think of myself as an adventurer… which one are you?


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2 responses to “Digressions over Dirty Dishes.

  • Sanjay

    I like to clean dishes as they go in the sink. I thnk that irritates *A* no end.
    Not sure if I can draw larger lessons about life from this. I would rather not. 🙂

  • M (tread softly upon)

    you have a nice way of drawing parallels to life. never thought of it that way. BUt i find doing dishes fun too. I guess i love anything touchy and feely with soap. like laundry too.

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