Have some Change..

The dining room is the favourite part of my house. It faces the South and there is a nice warm Sunshine throughout the day. There are lots of plants inside the house sitting by the window, happily chattering and discussing the latest gossip..it goes something like this-“Mr. Mony, mr mony..squeaks Jasmine, Did you see Red robin today. Oh she looks all ruddy because of the cold. Wonder if she is flying to her beach house this winter. Oh Jasmine, no flutters Mony. Mr. Robin has very little vacation this winter. He has to tweak some branches here and there. There is a big project delivery this season. He is building that new nest for Sissy Sparrow. Oh!! exclaims Jasmine. Bamboo sways in, her long gleaming green robe dancing and her long limbs getting in her way. I am suggesting the interiors for the nest. They need a zen atmosphere you know. I have even asked to move the nest to another branch so they might experience the full effect of Yin and Yang from the Powerful rays of the Sun and the stream running past. Oh..oh there goes slinky squirrel. he has got that nut that runny rabbit buried. Oh.. look at him run Chuckled curly cactus. Wonder where Runny went. didn’t see him on his morning walk.”

So amidst this on going chatter, I see signs of a new season gently shaking in its arrival. No birds sing in this season, nor do flowers bloom. But the happy leaves ignored the rest of the year burst into a riot of colours. They change from the envious green, envious of all the attention that the flowers and fruits get, to a proud red, a sunny yellow and a medley of purples and oranges. They look so pretty that you are tempted to touch the leaves and wish those colours stick to you. You want to sit there and dream on as the leaves gently float to the ground. You see them gently fliting to the left, floating the right and glide into its peaceful existence on the floor of the woods. They lie there giving a small home to a shivering worm or a desperate bug. they comfort the creatures till the season changes again. It is calming to see the seasons change, calming to know that it is not just you or the people around you, but even nature endorses change. Thinking about it, I am easily adaptable to change too. It is kind of fun to know that there might be a new me in terms of thoughts say five years from now. It doesn’t mean that I like change everywhere. There has to be a constant somewhere in life. It makes change more acceptable knowing that one person or many people will actually share the same bond with you and actually grow and change with you. But looking forward to a new day where there might be a new you in some way is what makes life worth living.


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5 responses to “Have some Change..

  • Deepa

    ooooo! That was beautiful, for some reason sent shivers down my spine- in a good way though. You write so eloquently.

  • M (tread softly upon)

    That was pretty. Do you also hear the pants talk to eahc other? I keep trying to convince B that they do 🙂

  • Jinguchakka

    yup, Fall is beautiful, but must it not be painful for the trees and plants? Just a thought. Say our limbs change colour and drop off every year!! scary to me.

  • Cacophoenix

    @ Deepa: Hehee Thanks. Thanks again for stopping by. Walk n any time you want. Will look forward to hearing from you..
    @ M: Well..I just flatter myself by saying that Women have sensory perception far higher than men. Either that or we are totally cuckoo.
    @ Jinguchakka: Actully I wouldn’t think so. Look at it this way. Say you have had a real bad day. All you want to do is go to bed wake up and tell yourself that today is a new day and things are going to be better. We take each day as a new beginning and a new start to life. Sameway each time the tree sheds it leaves it looks at it as a process that it has to go through for the new season, kinda like preparing itself to go to bed.. My thoughts…

  • Sanjay

    That was so well written. I wonder what the plants in our living room say. They look out upon a pair of squirrels who always have something going on and an occasional rabbit that does it’s thing.

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