Oh God!! There is a reason why I feel computers are like women..Their thought process is at a whole different range. They are so secretive, you feel like shaking the secrets out of them. They need so many accesories and other crap to look nice and perform well. Perfomance depnds on mood. They remember htings done long ago. They alwasy are threatning to fall sick and make your life miserable. No ordinary medicines work for them. They are always in need of upgrades. Access depends on your ability to say the right things and punch in the right words. And even when you give them everything you have, there is always something you didn’t do or turn on and that’s it you are a done deal. Like some stupid websites that didn’t allow me access. I begged, I pleaded and as embarrasing as it is to plead to a woman, I had to . She was driving me insane… Flowers, sweets, words, rants…Geez. I finally found a way around. hehehe sneaky eh!! There is a reason why the equipment around the house the house that bears the most of a man’s destructive anger is a computer.


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